A Venue for All Things Business


As a business, when needing to plan a company-wide meeting or looking to put together a training day for all employees, it can be difficult to find a space that checks all of the boxes! Most venues require clients to use specific caterers, meet on specific dates and don’t have parking that is nearby.

At The Refinery, we make it as easy as possible to have your event! We permit all outside catering and even allow alcohol, should you so desire. The rental fees are by the hour, making it simple to customize how long your event runs and exactly what you’re paying for. The venue has tables and seating for up to 120 guests and the pricing includes the use of all furniture in the space. There is also a large parking lot next to the building, making access to the venue qucik and easy!

Three Corporate Women in Private Meeting
Woman Works in Lounge Area of Venue

Within the venue are two large meeting spaces and several smaller ones. This makes larger group meetings possible, as well as smaller, more personal settings an option. We work with each of our clients to be sure they have the perfect space for their group size!

In addition to group meeting spaces, we have individual spaces that are comfortable and relaxing. Clients can rent these spaces for just themselves to get away from the buzz of coffee shops, or they can utilize them for one-on-ones with potential clients.

Regardless of what type of business event or meeting you need to host, The Refinery would love to help! Contact us today to book your private tour!