Wedding Giveaway in Culpeper, Va


We all love weddings, but we also know how much a dream wedding can cost! At The Refinery, we recently decided to host a FREE wedding giveaway, here in our small town of Culpeper, Va.

That’s right; no strings attached, no gimmicks. We contacted several vendors and asked if they’d be willing to donate their services. Every single vendor repsonded with an ‘absolutely!’, which was incredible to witness! This package would include the venue, catering, photography, flowers, invitations, and a DJ.

After the vendors were secured, we determined that it shouldn’t just be a giveaway at random. It should go to the most deserving and well-loved couple, who otherwise would not be able to have a wedding. The contest was nomination based and we had over 100 nominees sent in, coupled with thought-out letters and nominations for people that were so very deserving.

It was near impossible to select just one, so each vendor selected their top 2. From that, we had a unanimous couple that had landed in every vendor’s top 2.

Introducing Yazmin and Tijani!

Not only are they supported and admired by so many people who know them, but they are the most humble and loving pair to be around!

We will be documenting their wedding journey as they plan their nuptials for April 14, 2019, but for now, we will leave you with this bit from Yazmin:

“This gift is the biggest blessing we could have received, and we are still in disbelief. Winning this contest means a lot to us because now we can realize our dream wedding, which seemed impossible a couple of days ago. This gift relieves the financial stresses that come with planning a wedding. But most importantly, this gift reinforces our belief that when you give your best and have faith, things do work out. We cannot contain our excitement and we will forever remember this wonderful gift, as it is now part of our story.”