Corporate Holiday Party

Do you know the worst place to have your office Christmas Party? In your own office. There is nothing less festive than drinking and mingling in the place that you mingle (and hopefully don’t drink in) every day.

Although this Holiday Season is coming to a close, it is not too early to start planning and looking to book a venue for 2019!

The best place to have a company party, whether big or small, is at The Refinery! Located in the downtown area, it fosters a feeling of the nostalgic, small town Christmas, where co-workers can shop on Davis Street beforehand for their Secret Santa gifts (we recommend The Green Roost), then walk to the office party!

Today’s featured party was for the employees of a large childcare organization. They hired in a Photo Booth which was a HUGE hit with all of the co-workers! Nothing is more comical than seeing your boss in a boa and oversized glasses.

Co-Workers Dressed Up in a Photo Booth

On top of a fun photo booth, they also had delectable cupcakes from Seriously Sweet (also on Davis Street!) and festive and fruity punch!

Holiday Themed Cupcakes on Cupcake Stand
Festive Berry Party Punch

Lots of fun was had by all at this event and best of all, they were'n’t stuck inside the office building!

To book your office party or corporate event, please reach out to us for available dates!