I’m Joy Orr, the owner and lead planner at The Refinery. I'm so happy that you have landed on The Refinery page! Whether you are here by referral or random happening, I hope that you find what you’re looking for in our venue! The main things we focus on at The Refinery are incredible guest experience and the feeling of being cared for and known by our staff.


For guest experience, if your guests have everything their heart desires, from a stocked bar to a clean restroom, then they leave happy, raving about the party. If someone forgot an umbrella, no problem! Take one of ours. Having been in the hospitality industry for 10 years, I know the value of 5 star service and we strive to give that to every guest, even grouchy Aunt Sally.

No matter what your event is, we are happy to meet with you and help plan your day, to make sure it is the most efficiently run and easiest day of your life. You are welcome to visit the venue as often as you’d like, and we’ll always be happy to see you! We want our clients to feel like they are completely at home.